Episode 4

#Crows, Music, Life

Published on: 24th February, 2022

We are joined by US Marine Officer, Mentor, and Author Olaolu Ogunyemi who is debuting a children's book "Billy Dipper's Time To Shine"and Music Recording Artist, Singer/ Songwriter Ryan Lane as we talk music, MTV Music awards and more. With Guest Host Keke Chanel an award-winning author, writing & life coach, Lifestyle Blogger and Podcast host of "Kickin' It With Keke".

Olaolu Ogunyemi (pronounced first name: OH-LA-OH-LOO Last name: OH-GUN-YEH ME) is a first-generation American of Nigerian heritage. He is an active-duty U.S. Marine (rank: Captain) currently serving as a Communications Officer in Quantico, Virginia. Olaolu’ s military service has enabled him to travel the world. These experiences inform his writing. As the fifth of six children, he is intimately familiar with how Storytime can engage children and create loving and memorable family moments. He has been a teen mentor for 5 years and active duty military for ten years. Learn more about him and Parent-Child-Connect books at http://www.parent-child-connect.com.

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